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April Is Autism Awareness Month – Celebrate and Support Those with Special Needs

Celebrate the talents of Special Needs Individuals

April is Autism Awareness Month, and those who have to live with Autism Spectrum Disorder (not to mention those who are caregivers for individuals with Autism) are blessed to have such an incredible outpouring of support and media attention currently. Many people throughout Monmouth County, where I live, participated in “Light It Blue” and put blue-tinted lights on their homes in support of Autism Awareness Month.

Many times, those on the outside looking in will focus on what individuals with special needs CANNOT do, rather than experience the many talents and gifts these individuals have. I have been blessed to meet individuals with many different diagnoses – from Aspergers and Austism to Down Syndrome and more – and each of them has a truly incredible talent to share. One autistic client wrote poetry that moved me to tears in his parents’ kitchen. Another autistic client drew pictures that would make Picasso jealous. A client with Down Syndrome painted incredible works of art.

This past weekend, my children and I participated in the Circle of Special Friends “Spring Fling” where individuals with special needs of all kinds and their caregivers let loose on the dance floor, ate pizza and cake, had their faces painted, and just generally had a great time. It’s too bad we couldn’t bottle the energy in that room!

What struck me most was when my young son and I got in the car, completely exhausted, and he said to me, “Mommy, I thought those kids would need my help, but nobody needed my help.” I had explained to him before we arrived about what it means to have special needs, and that he might need to help one of the partygoers. But he was right: they didn’t need our help, other than to help celebrate with them. They don’t need us to baby them – they need us to just be a friend.

Parents and caregivers of individuals with special needs also need our support. Sometimes it’s as simple as a long talk over a cup of coffee, but it can be more complex, like help with legal issues that will arise as they navigate the system. Take the time during this month to get to know an individual with special needs.

Your heart will be forever changed for the better.

For more information on autism or to learn about how you can help, visit the Autism Society and Autism Speaks.


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