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It’s Been a While…

If you’ve been clicking around my website or my blog, you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been writing in a VERY long time.  While my law firm has continued to operate during this writing hiatus, some overwhelming family situations have taken me away from my blog.

Like everyone else, the upcoming New Year brings a new perspective and new goals.  I hope to begin writing again, at least a few times a month, so I hope you stop back in and read a few things.  I am a serious Law Nerd, so you may see some things that might be outside of my core areas of law, but things that I find interesting that you might want to know.

In the meantime, if 2018 has brought changes to your life, you should consider an Estate Planning Review.  I am currently offering a review special of $50 per one-hour session from now until January 31, 2019.  Starting February 1, Estate Planning Review sessions will be back to $100 per one-hour session.

Please feel free to call at (732) 444-6406 or email me at

I wish you and your family a peaceful, joyous Holiday Season and a Happy New Year.

See you in 2019, if not sooner,

Nancy L. Holm, Esq.

Managing Member, Law Office of Nancy L. Holm, LLC

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Working for those who work for a living.

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The Law Office of Nancy L. Holm, LLC, a New Jersey Limited Liability Company, is a full-service, general practice law firm located in Monmouth County, N.J., and serving clients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. You can trust our integrity and commitment to your best interests when you have a legal problem. We offer a free consultation and reasonable rates, so that legal representation is available to everyone.

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